Allergy Relief Tips for High Pollen Count Spring Season

It’s been a dry and windy spring in the Roaring Fork Valley. Unfortunately, these make perfect conditions for high pollen count and severe seasonal allergy symptoms. In April, pollen levels were medium to high the entire month in Basalt, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs, as the charts below illustrate.

Basalt pollen count Carbondale pollen count Glenwood Springs pollen countSince the pollen count is out of your control, what can you do as a seasonal allergy sufferer to relieve your allergy symptoms?

First, visit your local pharmacy and stock up on antihistamine eye drops, nasal steroid spray, nasal saline spray, and oral antihistamines. Ask your pharmacist about which products will best treat your specific allergy symptoms.

While you’re at the pharmacy, pick up a face mask, which helps filter pollen, dust, and other particles floating in the atmosphere. Look for an N95 respirator face mask. Wearing a face mask may make you feel uncomfortable, but think of it as a seasonal fashion statement!

Additional measures you can take to relieve allergy symptoms include washing your hands and face often, blowing your nose, and keeping your hands away from your eyes, ears, and nose. Drinking plenty of water and steaming mugs of tea can also help you find some relief during allergy season.

If you’ve tried it all, from the nasal steroid spray to the N95 respirator, and you still aren’t finding any relief from your allergy symptoms, then it may be time for you to schedule an appointment with an allergist, who can help you find out exactly what your allergies are.


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