Find Out Why This Family Chose Direct Primary Care

At a doctor’s appointment, not feeling rushed. That’s where we meet Jenna Nelson in an NBC Nightly News segment about direct primary care (DPC) from April 2017.

Not feeling rushed at a doctor’s appointment is important, whether you have a family, like Jenna Nelson, or if your sole responsibility is your own health.

When you don’t feel rushed, you have time to get a thorough examination and to ask questions. Unfortunately, this isn’t always our reality. We’ve all experienced those doctor’s visits where we have just one more question, but your doctor’s already halfway out the door.

Seeing a doctor is a way for you to care for your health. When you’re rushed, you’re not given this chance.

And this is where direct primary care comes in, and we return to the Nelson family.

The Nelson family chose direct primary care because of the better quality of care. With 2 children, quality affordable health care was important to them. And with their DPC plan, they pay a flat fee each month for unlimited doctor’s visits that saves them $500 each month. The Nelsons can also text and call their doctor, David Cunningham, as much as they need.

NBC Nightly News reporter, Kristen Dahlgren, interviewed Dr. Cunningham, who formerly practiced medicine in a traditional environment. In describing his current situation, Dr. Cunningham said, “It feels great to be practicing medicine the way it’s supposed to be.”

We agree!

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