Genecept Assay at Premier Medical Center

What if you could eliminate trial and error from prescribing psychiatric medications? That’s what the Genecept Assay from Genomind realizes, which is why Dr. Tim Kruse of Premier Medical Center uses Genecept Assay.

What Is the Genecept Assay?

It’s a simple test that evaluates drug interactions based on an individual’s genetics.

Why Use Genecept Assay?

The Genecept Assay provides your doctor with individual drug resistance and drug interaction information that guides them in the prescription process. This means that you, as the patient, don’t have to experience the trial and error period of trying one antidepressant for a few weeks, and if that doesn’t work, switching to another antidepressant…and continuing on in this process for weeks to months until you and your doctor find a drug or drug combination that works for you.

Because the Genecept Assay identifies potential drug resistance and drug interactions beforehand, the test removes from the picture the long and challenging trial and error period. Instead, you and your doctor can get straight to what’s most likely to help you.

Why Does Premier Medical Center Use the Genecept Assay?

Dr. Kruse and Premier Medical Center use Genecept Assay because we believe in personalized medicine through direct primary care. We believe in health care that focuses on the individual, not what the individual’s insurance covers.

Genecept Assay is also about personalized medicine, which is why we use this test when prescribing psychiatric medications and painkillers.

How Do You Take the Genecept Assay Test?

The Genecept Assay is a simple test. All it requires is a cheek swab. Then, in about a week, your results come back from the lab and you can review them with your doctor.

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